About Founder

Phra Payom Kallayano

Date of Birth : 24 April 1949 A.D.

Place of Birth : Bang – Yai District, Nonthaburi Province, Thailand

Parents : Mr. Pleng Chanpetch Mrs. Sumpao Chanpetch

1957 A.D. : Start primary education at “Sungworn-Wimol-Paiboon” School.
1967 A.D. : Being ordained in Buddhist Novice (7 days period) at “Wat Sungworn” Temple.
1970 A.D. : Being ordained in Buddhist Monk at “Wat Sungworn” Temple.
1971 A.D. : Holds the Graduate Degree Dharmist.
1972 A.D. : Holds the Master’s Degree Dharmist
1973 A.D. : Holds the Doctorate Degree Dharmist

Initiatives / Accomplishments
1978 A.D. : Established “The Summer Novice Ordination Project”.

1980 A.D. : Reforming “Wat Kaew” Temple in particular areas and changed its name to be “Wat Suan Kaew” Temple.

1986 A.D. : Established “Suan Kaew Foundation” Suan Kaew Foundations Synopsis